Amin Choudhury

After spending my youth in Hull and attending The University of Hull, it was a pleasure to see our City become The City of Culture. I have been fortunate to explore other business opportunities and cities, but, have decided that Hull is my real home and a place to settle. After careful consideration I have put together a concept to implement, and I have decided to restore and re-open a closed and disused restaurant, which will in turn contribute into our City. I hope you will enjoy my restaurant and, I thank you for supporting my quest to achieve an outstanding social and dining environment.

Aminul Choudhury Founder of Maya restaurants and gourmet tiffin.

Our philosophy

Dry ice bar

Maya is a phenomenal dining and social experience, it is a new addition to the city of culture.

Journey to Maya can start the real Indian way from your doorway with tuk tuk or rickshaw service. There are many beautiful restaurants in the world, but how many can you say, will look different each time you visit? This is the bold concept that this Fine Dining Indian Restaurant aspires to. We are aiming for a complete change of décor every season, four times a year. The 48 hour transition is spectacular, and goes beyond comprehension in order to celebrate the regional food festivals of the tour of India menu. 

My carefully assembled team provides precision and flair in cuisine and the service, unveiling the meaning of the name Maya (hospitality, to welcome with open arms). You are invited to share our beautiful concept and to be welcomed with Maya.

Maya to future vision

Our food festival tour of India will take your taste buds on a journey of adventure, celebrating the authentic cuiMaya future vision

Our food festival tour of India will take your taste buds on a journey of adventure, celebrating the authentic cuisine and culture of different regions, starting with Rajasthan, Deli, South India, Goa and wherever the darts land in the Indian sub-continent. 

The restaurant interior, changed four times a year, reflects the seasonal, colourful spice and culture of India along with enhancements to our diverse and exciting menu ensure your environment and cuisine reflects the season in order to enhance your dining experience 

• Wine tasting every three months held on a Tuesday. 

12 course meal at £35 per head including 12 wines for tasting.


• Food festival – tour of India: every three months. Celebrating different cultures, foods 

Maya to celebrations  

If there is one thing above all else that Have Maya enjoys and does with aplomb, its celebration! From an intimate family occasion, a birthday party or a wedding, Maya is the place where joy comes home to celebrate in style!

• Special tester menu at different cost suits different budget